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Ashley Smith is a self-taught guitarist of many years and holds bachelor's (BSc Hons. Degree) in audio and recording technology.

Below are a few quotes from companies Ashley has worked with...


I highly recommend Ashley for any position or endeavour he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset to for any organisation.

Robert Bantin
QA Manager / Expansion Product Manager
FXpansion Audio UK Ltd.


Since the beginning of Overloud, Ashley Smith has been part of the product beta-testing team. He always helped Overloud with high professionalism; his contributions have been a great mixture of fresh ideas coming from an artist, and detailed comments coming from a technician. We hope that the collaboration between Ashley and Overloud will last for a long time.

Thomas Serafini
DSP Programming - Overloud/Almateq.


Ashley is one of our top beta testers and always goes the extra mile. He has created presets for our drum libraries which have been very popular, and he's not only diligent but cares about his craft. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who knows their tools as well as Ashley.

Rail Jon Rogut
Producer/Engineer - Platinum Samples.


Ashley Smith has been incredibly helpful beta testing products. He's passionate and enthusiastic which goes a long way with companies like Sonic Reality. His knowledge and expertise has proven to be very helpful particularly with drum kit samples.

Dave Kerzner
CEO - Sonic Reality Inc.

One of the most important things in our DSP development has been to have a team of professionals help beta test the software programs to ensure we are putting out a quality product. I can think of no better example of such a professional as Ashley Smith. With his help, we have been able to confidently release our award winning software to the industry with great response.

Steven Slate
CEO - Slate Digital, Slate Pro Audio, Steven Slate Drums.

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